How many days to be delivered ?

In France, the delivery takes between 1 to 3 working days. This delivery time is not 100% guarantee with standard delivery with GLS.
For any request of express delivery, in France or elsewhere, you can be delivered by UPS. European countries, please look at your delivery time and costs here.

Do you deliver on Saturday ?

We do not deliver on Saturday.

Which carrier do you work with ?

We work with GLS for standard delivery and with UPS for express delivery.

Are shipping costs free ?

For all orders lower than 150€, the shipping costs are 10€ in France.
For european countries, the shipping costs change depending on your country. To know your delivery costs, please look at our chart here.

Do you have a store where i can buy your products ?

No, all our products are available only on our website.

Can i schedule my delivery day ?

Only if you use UPS delivery.

Do you make delivery on relay point ?

Yes, you can choose this option.


Do your doll heads have 100% human hair?

Our training heads all use top quality 100% human hair, excluding our heads made in yak hair (ADÈLE, ALICE), also our JULIA made of 75% natural hair and 25% synthetic and JANE made of 75% natural hair and 25% yak hair.

Why your training heads have white hair ?

The hair of our mannequin heads comes mostly from India. Indian women give as a present their hair or sell their hair. Some of these women have naturaly white hair, that’s why you can find some white hair on our headblocks.

What is the hair streaks for ?

The hair streaks are little portion of hair joined by an iron ring. This product allows you to test your coloration before application on model. We have two types of hair streaks : color hair streaks made of natural hair and yak ; white hair streaks made of 100% yak hair.   Professionals, if you want to order large quantity, you can entirely personnalized your product : length of the hair streaks, color, quantity … If you are interested, please send us an email at :

Why yak training heads shed their hair ?

These doll heads may shed a little of its hair. These training heads are made of 100% yak hair which contains no bulb so it sheds more easily during brushing.


Do you have promotion on your website ?

All our promotions are available all year here. We also organize many times in the year exceptional promotions on our social media. If you want to be aware of these promotions, follow us on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK.

How can i get professional prices ?

For all professional orders, you can get discounted prices from 8 training heads purchased. You can place your order by email at

Where do your products come from ?

The hair of our mannequin heads comes mostly from India where Indian women give as a present their hair or sell their hair. The manufacturing process is made in China.
To know more about this, click on this video.

Can i have discounted prices if i order several doll heads ?

You can get discounted prices from 8 mannequin heads purchased. You can place your order by email at

What are the payment method proposed on your website ?

You can pay by credit card on our website. For european people, you will pay by credit card via Payplug or Paypal.


Can i return my training heads ?

You can return your products 14 days after receiving your order. After this delay, we refuse any return.
You have to pay the return of your products. The training heads have to be returned on their original conditions with the same packing.
After receiving your returned products, we analyse the doll heads, check if they are in good condition. Then, we proceed to the reimbursement.


Can i use straightener on our training heads ?

Our mannequin heads use topquality 100% human hair, that’s why you can use straightener. However, we advise against using temperature more than 180°.

Can i do hairstyle on your cutting heads ?

Yes, you can do some quick up-dos & styles on our cutting training heads (from 35cm of length). However, the cutting heads are not made for this kind of use.

Can i use the competition heads for hairstyle, not only for competition ?

All our competition training heads are designed to suit competition requirements: head with shoulder, slender realistic European faces and fine natural implantation ideal for a wide range of techniques. However, all our competition training heads can be used on a day-to-day basis for styling.

How can i do to avoid tangled hair ?

You have to gently clean your head after using styling products and make regularly cares. When you clean the head, be delicate to avoid hair tangling.

What is the difference between Sarah and Manon ?

Our training head Sarah is ideal for practising hairstyling and quick up-dos. This mannequin head has a density very realistic, so you can train like on a real person. On the contrary, our mannequin head Manon has a big density, so we advise it for professionals or confirmed. The hair of this head can tangle if care and maintenance are not well applied. So, we advise against using this head if you are beginner or novice.

What is the shelf life of hairstyling mannequin heads ?

Our heads can have a duration of barely 2 years (more for competition heads) if you take care of it.