You can realize basic hairstyling and quick up-dos on our training heads with more than 30cm of length

The hair of all our mannequin heads has been chemically treated to get lighter color, excepted our dark doll head (LILOU & CLARISSE). More the hair has been treated, more the hair is fragile.

Our doll heads can fit on all universal support (holders & tripods)

Our training heads are not supplied with support (holder or tripod).

All our doll heads may naturally shed a little of its hair

You have to gently clean your head after using styling products and make regularly cares, especially for hairstyling doll heads


When using electrical appliances, avoid temperatures over 180C°

When you clean the head, be delicate to avoid to tangle the hair

When cleaning, gently work the mixture through the hair, from roots to tips

Comb through the hair gently, section by section, from the ends working to the roots

When using bleach, the hair might become excessively damaged due to the hair previously being processed