Conditionnement et logisitique


When delivering to the UK, our carrier is UPS. The average standard delivery time is 2-5 days.

Here is a table summarizing the costs according to the order placed.
Please note that if you place an order for tripods as well, the price of transport may change.


·       If you are an individual in the UK: When the merchandise arrives at the UK customs, you will have to pay duties and taxes (around 20% of the total order).


·       If you are a company in the UK:


Case n°1: You have a business but have not registered for a UK VAT number.
Unfortunately, under UK and French law, you will be considered as a private individual (see above).

Case n°2: You are a company with a UK VAT number
(check your VAT number with the following link: but no EORI number.
The EORI number is useful for claiming refunds of duties and taxes from the British administration and customs. Obtaining an EORI number is very simple:


Case N°3: You are a company with a VAT number (check my VAT number: )
and you also have an EORI number (check my EORI number with the following link:

You can avoid paying duties and taxes on arrival by opting for the PVA, or the Postponed VAT accounting. To do this, you don’t need to apply or ask for permission.
The benefit of this is that you will declare and recover the VAT from the imported goods later on rather than having to pay for them upfront, in other words, as soon as the goods arrive in the UK.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The EORI number needs to be assigned to your VAT number, they need to be linked.
If they are not, there might be issues with doing the Postponed Vat Accounting.