Our professional hairstyling heads

Exalto offers you a wide range of bun styling heads, ideal for wedding hairstyles training, for  competition training a basic bun for when you’re starting out ! 

We know that it's essential to train with the best possible quality, which is why we offer bun styling heads with long hair (50cm), good or even high density.
However, we know that in the salon, not all women wishing to get a bun have very long hair and high density. That's why it's perfectly possible for you to buy a classic women's styling head for bun exercises. 


We offer several types of professional chignon styling heads: 

⁃ Bun mannequin heads without busts for training and perfecting exercises

⁃ Special bun styling heads with busts for competition training

⁃ Pro bun styling heads with more or less density to suit everyone’s budget!

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