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" Exalto Professionnel offers innovative, stylish, affordable, and high-quality mannequin heads. Our professional styling heads feature 100% natural hair sourced from India. Exalto is also a socially responsible brand committed to active environmental sustainability. "
Amandine Colin
General Director
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Premium - High Density

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A professional styling head perfect for vibriant color training. It's made with Yak hair and has a natural forward implantation.

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Exalto's bestseller, it's made for hairdressers who want to improve their hairdressing techniques.

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Basic - Medium density

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The ideal mannequin head for training on textured hair. Its Mediterranean-style hair allows you to create voluminous cuts and balayage techniques.

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Premium - High density

PU Foam

The foam is incinerated to provide heating for our cities.

Natural Hair

Hair is donated to Capillum association.

Melted Bases

The bases are melted to create new products.

Our Environmental Approach

Our Recycling Process in 3 Questions to Our Director, Amandine:

To recycle your mannequin heads, you can simply send us an email and complete our form for requesting the return of the heads to be recycled.

    Conditions for participating :
  • Fill a box with a minimum of 18 used heads (we do not offer returns for used heads individually as the environmental impact of shipping is too significant).
  • Participate in the process at a rate of €2 per mannequin head.

The recycling process of a mannequin head is quite complex because each part must be separated and recycled in a specific way.

      Here are the steps:
    • We collect mannequin heads from our customers.
    • Our partner ESAT, with whom we work in Aubagne, collects these used heads. The various components of the heads are then separated by volunteers at their facility, including Jérôme, our favorite at ESAT Arc-en-Ciel!

    • We then collect the various parts (the face mask, hair, base, etc.) and store them at our facilities until we have high enough quantity   to send to our recycling partners.

      • Once the quotas are met, we send the different parts for recycling:
      • The hair is donated to the Capillum association and is used for agriculture, ocean preservation, and medical research.

      • The bases of the heads are sent to our partner and melted down to create new products.

      • The face masks are sent and used in the creation of garden hoses.

    • The foam, on the other hand, is sent to our partner and used for city heating.

We have been aware for several years now that the 100,000 products we distribute worldwide also result in 100,000 mannequin heads being thrown away.

We have invested both financial and human resources to find solutions to this problem that we were determined to solve.

This environmental initiative aligns perfectly with our values, as we aimed to establish a responsible and sustainable economic activity with minimal environmental impact.

By developing this recycling process, we have successfully achieve our objective : to continue distributing our products for the training of hair professionals while adhering to our values and reducing our environmental footprint.

All that's missing is you, your support, and your participation to bring this project to life!

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100% Human Hair From India

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Collection and Recycling of Used Heads

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Advisors available to answer all your questions (customs, delivery costs, delivery time...) via email, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

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Today, we are capable of delivering to any country in the world. To inquire about our shipping costs and obtain a quote, please send an email to contact@exalto-professionnel.fr

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