• CLARISSE professional styling head
  • CLARISSE professional styling head
CLARISSE professional styling head

CLARISSE professional styling head


€70.00 tax excl.

Hair type
Human hair - Indian
Natural - forwards
3 - Dark
35cm - Mid-length
Women's cut
Product Details
Heal and Care

Our Clarisse professional styling head is Exalto's bestseller, it's for hairdressers who want to improve their hairdressing techniques.
This mannequin head with 100% natural hair is ideal for your special hairstyling training.
We always recommend practicing cutting techniques on a professional styling heads with brown hair, as the cut lines are more visible.

Our Clarisse mannequin head has a hair length of 35cm, which represents about 5 cutting stages, ideal for hairdresser training. This product has an average density of 200-220cm/hair. This is a realistic density that allows you to achieve all types of cuts and hairstyles.

You can also perform balayage and bleaching techniques on our Clarisse professional mannequin head; the hair is 100% natural, of Indian origin. We don't recommend coloring this styling dummy, as its color is already dark (tone level 3), so you won't get any visible results. All styling equipment should be chosen specifically according to your needs: 100% natural hair styling heads, human hair for coloring, for professional clipping techniques on men's mannequins, for learning how to cut curly or afro hair....
You may find white hair on this 100% natural, human hair styling head. This is perfectly normal, and even guarantees the quality of the hair: women in India shave their heads 1 or 2 times in their lives to offer their hair to Chiva. The hair is collected by Hindu temples and sold on the market. That's why our styling heads have white hair too, because the women who offer their hair also have white hair!

Our Clarisse professional styling head is part of the basic range, the best value for money from Exalto for the hairdresser or trainer. We have an equivalent to this mannequin head in the premium range: the Lilou mannequin head has the same features as Clarisse, it just has more density. We recommend you use that professional styling head for your voluminous cuts, balayage or perm techniques.

We also have an equivalent to the Clarisse styling head in the eco range: our Kylie mannequin head also features 100% natural quality brown hair, but its density is much lower, so it's more attractively priced for the hairdresser or trainer who wants to work with a professional quality product.

All our mannequin heads, whatever the range, have natural hair, of Indian origin, with good value for money. Exalto makes it a point of honor to provide you with the best quality hair at affordable prices ! Our hair mannequins require shampooing and conditioning after each use. The natural, human hair in our professional styling heads needs to be treated with care so that every hairdresser can maintain its length, density and quality over time.
Last but not least, all our styling heads are one-of-a-kind models, with each human hair implantation handcrafted, and each women's mannequin head designed and engineered in France by our team.

Delivery of our professional styling heads and accessories for hairdressers takes 2 to 3 working days in France (free delivery for orders above €220).
Delivery of our 100% natural hair styling heads and accessories for hairdressers and trainers takes 3 to 7 days in Europe (free delivery for orders above €220).
Find all the information you need about our hairdressing equipment: delivery time, prices, care and maintenance here.
Here you'll find the right hairdressing equipment at the best value (vice, tripod for stable hairstyling) for use with all our professional products (100% natural hair styling heads, women's naturel hair for coloring, cutting curls, afro, men's cuts...).

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What's normal

All our products are handmade, so it's perfectly normal for you to experience slight changes from one product to another:

  • Our mannequin heads also have white hair, which is completely normal. They come from women in India who give their hair to Chiva. These women have white hair just like us, which is why you will certainly see some on our styling heads.
  • As our products are made by hand, the faces of our styling heads sometimes have a few small marks that can easily be removed with soap or nail varnish remover!
  • Sometimes you'll see little white flakes on the scalp of your styling head, but don't worry, these are just little specks of glue.
  • Occasionally, the hair on your mannequin head may be slightly sticky, in which case we've put too much conditioner on the hair. Don't hesitate to wash your mannequin head once to remove the excess product.
  • The hair on your mannequin heads may gradually fall out over time, which is completely normal.

What's not normal?

It may happen that the head has visible problems when you unpack it (implantation, deformation...), send us an email on amandine@exalto-professionnel.fr accompanied by photos so that we can advise you as best we can.
Do not use your product (application of products, colour, hairspray, haircut, etc.) if you wish to return it.

Steps to take:

  • Apply shampoo and conditioner after each use
  • Brush your head gently with a suitable brush from the scalp to the ends.
  • Before colouring or bleaching your mannequin head, test a strand of hair to check that the technique used is suitable for the hair
  • Apply a heat protector before using heating appliances on your hair

What not to do:

  • Do not attempt to bleach a mannequin head of hair above a tone height of 8
  • Do not attempt to bleach a mannequin head with yak hair or synthetics
  • Do not use heaters (straighteners, etc.) at more than 200 degrees.
  • Avoid bleaching or colouring your hair for buns, as this can damage the hair more quickly
  • Do not brush your head intensively, as this may cause the hair to pull out
  • Do not use colouring or bleaching techniques that are too strong (too long exposure time, too strong oxidants, etc.), which would not be suitable for salon clients. The hair on our heads is natural and human, so it should be treated in the same way as a salon client.
  • Never leave styling products (hairspray, etc.) on your head for several days.

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