To prolong the life of our mannequin heads, it is essential to follow a proper haircare routine. Exalto Professionnel gives you all the advice you need to look after your mannequin head and maintain the quality of its hair.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Exalto's professional mannequin heads are all unique models; each human hair is implanted by hand. Therefore, just like your hair, special care is recommended for these products. Wash the hair regularly with gentle products to remove any residue from the products used. Daily care will better preserve the hair of the head.

To make your hair shinnier, you can use a conditioner to detangle the hair on the lengths and restore softness. A conditioner will also hydrate and protect the hair. 

A hair mask will nourish, cleanse and repair the ends and lengths. There are several types of masks. For more textured, frizzy hair, we tend to use an oil rich mask and for dull hair we prefer a less rich, cleansing cream mask. 

Leave-in conditioners are also great hair allies. They help detangle hair while moisturising and adding shine and volume. 

The natural human hair on our professional mannequin heads needs to be treated with care in order to maintien its lenght and density over time. 

Use of appropriate styling products

Choose quality products to avoid damaging the hair on the head, alcohol and sulfate-free to preserve its natural texture  and prevent it from drying out. It's important to give the hair gently, quality care to keep it healthy and strong ! 

Watch-out for the components of the shampoo used; a quality shampoo made from a blend of specific ingredients such as oils, minerals and vitamins will give your hair the best possible care.

Further more, some professional treatments penetrate the hair fibre better, making them more effective and nourishing.

Handmade products

Our mannequin heads also have white hair, which is perfectly normal, as they come from women in India who donate their hair to Chiva. These women have white hair just like us, which is why you'll certainly see some on our mannequin heads.

As our products are made by hand, the faces of our mannequin heads sometimes have a few small marks that can easily be removed with soap or nail polish remover !

You'll sometimes see little white flakes on the scalp of your mannequin head, but don't worry, these are just little specks of glue.

Sometimes the hair on your head is slightly sticky, in which case we've put too much conditioner on the hair. Don't hesitate to wash your mannequin head once to remove the excess product.

The hair on your mannequin heads may fall out gradually over time; this is completely normal.

It may happen that the head has visible problems when you unpack it (implantation, deformation, etc.). Send us an email to with photos so that we can advise you as best we can.

Do not use your product (application of products, colour, hairspray, haircut, etc.) if you wish to return it.

How to get the most out of your mannequin head :

Before colouring or bleaching your mannequin head, test the technique on a strand of hair to make sure it is suitable for the hair.

Apply heat protector before using heat appliances.

Actions to avoid

Do not attempt to bleach a mannequin head above a pitch of 8, with yak or synthetic hair.

Avoid bleaching or colouring the head before styling into a bun as this can damage the hair more quickly.

Do not brush your head hard as this can cause the hair to pull out.

Do not use colouring or bleaching techniques that are too strong (too long an exposure time, too strong oxidants, etc.). The hair on the head is natural and human and should be treated in the same way as a in salon.

Never leave styling products (hairspray, etc.) on your head for several days.

Gentle brushing

It is essentiel to brush the mannequin head with a good quality brush. We recommend using a TANGLE brush for gentle brushing that minimises breakage. We also recommend using a conditioning oil as a finishing touch for shiny hair. 

The TANGLE brush is suitable for all hair types and makes detangling effortless and painless.

The oil will strengthen, repair and hydrate the hair fibre and make it shine ! These natural treatments make hair stronger, shinier and help combat frizz.

We recommend using a treatment after every shampoo as hair is a dead substance and does not rehydrate itself. A treatment such as a mask or conditioner will deeply hydrate the hair on your mannequin head.

By following these simple tips, you'll ensure that your mannequin head lasts as long as possible, while still having perfect hair for your training sessions or learning new hairstyles.