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Men mannequin head Exalto
Ref. 1033

Mannequin head Exalto x Josh Lamonaca

Hair type
Human hair - Indian
Natural - forwards
3 - Dark
Very high
25cm - Short
Men's cut
70.833333 € HT

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  • Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic
  • Austria, Denmark
  • Finland, Sweden, Ireland
  • Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania
  • United-Kingdom
  • Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion
  • Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Turkey


à Barber mannequin head with 100% human, Indian hair

à  This professional mannequin head has soft skin, that allows to get a realistic finish. 

à  Hairdressing mannequin head ideal for practising men's cutting in premium education courses.

à  Possibility to bleach on this men mannequin head

à  You can also practise different styling or hairdressing techniques (blow-dry, straightening, curling etc.)

This professional mannequin head is not supplied with support (holder or tripod).

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Some questions about the hairdressing mannequin head ?

Do your doll heads have 100% human hair ?

Our training heads all use top quality 100% human hair, excluding our heads made in yak hair (ADÈLE, ALICE), also our JULIA made of 75% natural hair and 25% synthetic and JANE made of 75% natural hair and 25% yak hair. 

Why your training heads have white hair?

The hair of our mannequin heads comes mostly from India. Indian women give as a present their hair or sell their hair. Some of these women have naturally white hair, that's why you can find some white hair on our headblocks.

Do you have promotion on your website ?

All our promotions are avaible all year here.

We also organize any times in the year exceptional promotions on our social media.

If you want to be aware of these promotions, follow us on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK.

How can I get professional prices?

For all professional orders, you can get discounted prices from 8 training heads purchased.

You can place your order by email at

Can I use straightener on our training heads?

Our mannequin heads use top quality 100% human hair, that's why you can use straightener. However, we advise against using temperature more than 180°.

How can I do to avoid tangled hair?

You have te gently clean your head after using styling products and make regularly cares. When you clean the head, be delicate to avoid the hair tangling.

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